Xuchang Kaijie Abrasive Co.,Ltd.
Xuchang Kaijie Abrasive Co.Ltd. formerly known as Kaijie( Zhengzhou) Abrasive Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993, covering an area of more than 50 mu, with more than 200 employees and an annual output value achieve to 80 million yuan.The unique industry environment and convenient transportation provide strong technical support for the development of KAIJIE.The main products of KAIJIE are Super-thin Cutting Wheel, Grinding wheel,Flexible Grinding Wheel etc., especially the stainless steel Flexible Grinding Wheel series. Through the company's corresponding research and innovation , it has become a high-quality product representative with full-size,multi-grit and different color grades in China, which is highly recognized by domestic and foreign users.
Product List
Super Thin Cutting Wheel
KAIJIE Super-thin cutting wheel series adopt high-quality raw materials and unique technology , On the premise of ensuring product strength and safety first, which can meet the diverse needs of different user markets .According to the different purposes of cutting,KAIJIE cutting wheel can be divided into different types of cutting metal,stainless steel,aluminium alloy and stone,while,according to the different market use habits, they also can be with Single Net,Double Net as well as Composite mesh appearance.
Flexible Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel
KAIJIE Flexible grinding wheel series with its superior operation hand feeling and excellent performance,deeply recognized by the domestic and foreign users.We adopt high-quality corundum materials,combined with KAIJIE unique flexible technology,while divided into different levels(WA,ZA,SG) to meet the different needs of oridinary users and professional users.The products cover 50mm small diameter to 180mm diameter,and Grit 36# to Grit 120#.Flexible Grinding Wheel are widely used in grinding stainless steel welds,automobile manufacturing shell polishing,heavy industry mold repair and shipbuilding industry fields,etc.
Slotted Fiber Disc
KAIJIE Slotted Fiber Disc on the basis of strengthening the ordinary fiber disc,making certain heat is reduced ,the efficiency is improved and the woking environment is greatly improved.Especially suitable for removing heavy rust on metal surfaces and removing paint;also suitable for grinding concrete,marble and glass surface.
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